about us

 Spa and Hot Tub repair experience
We have been repairing spa and hot tubs  for over 25 years. Started repairing Spa and
Hot tubs around 1987 . At that time I was employed by a spa parts distributor we had a
service department that repaired spa circuit boards and spa controls for pool and spa
retailers (spa technicians) nation wide. We repaired all the major brand spa circuit
boards and Spa Controls,this included Balboa,Sundance spa, Coleman spa,Jacuzzi
spa, Dimension 1, and Cal spa .

Spa and Hot Tub repair qualifications

**Test trouble shoot and repair spa and hot tubs 

** Repair Electro Mechanical air switching spa controls.

** Repair spa and hot tub digital spa controls

** Repair spa pumps, Heater, Blowers

** Repair plumbing Leaks

** Upgraded  existing spa control systems

** Phone support: walked spa repair technicians all the way through a
completed Spa Repair.